Reed bed system - greywater

Our commercial grey water system creates 3 to 4 showers worth of untreated grey water a day.  It is "commercial" because it is hooked up to a timer that makes sure no greywater is kept more than 24 hours- so at a set time, it sends any unused greywater to the sewer. (early in 2009)

We were not too keen on using it untreated on the fruit trees, so Paul has built a wetland treatment system using five baths as gravel beds, with wetland plants to clean up the water before it gets used on any food plants.

The pond at the bottom of the system is a stock trough, which will become a good home for frogs. A few have already moved in - Pobblebonks or Eastern Banjo Frogs.  They will be even happier when the landscaping is completed!