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beer-trap-slugs-snails-5SMLMy purple cabbages, brocolli, radish and peas are struggling to survive winter while being nibbled by slugs and small snails!

I am sure I have seen Jackie French make these traps a long time ago on TV, or perhaps I read it in  Earth Garden.

I had one trap set up - with just holes cut in the side (no drawbridge) and had tried a yeasty spread in water as the bait, but my dog was attracted to it!

I tried beer and the results were impressive - about 15 slugs in one night!

Luckily the DH had some beer he did not like the taste of, but now you must remember to collect all the beer dregs up from your party or BBQ and put them to work.

Beer works really well - the little blighters seem to love it, and unfortunately for them, they drown.

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Buninyong Blueberry Farm

(Blueberry Pie Recipe)





Turn into Innes Lane and then up this track

Get your blueberries from the Buninyong Blueberry Farm!blueberry-farm-sign-small
Eating berries and cooking berries are available to buy now.
Berry season starts in December and finishes some time in January.
Pick your own won't start until mid January - phone  0409 316 724 to find out what is happening on the berry front.
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As a General Tonic for chickens:

Dilute  10:1 - 10 parts fresh clean water to 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar.

The recommendation is that you need to find "unfiltered", "raw', "unpasteurised" Apple Cider Vinegar, which can be found in poultry or pet shops.  Apparently the filtereed Apple Cider Vinegar you find in the supermarket is not ok becasue it is filtered - but I have not yet checked out the price difference.

It may be that once it is a "tonic" the price goes up!

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Winter 2009
My tomatoes went in a bit late this year, and so they had not ripened when the first cold weather of Autumn arrrived.

Two things to do - either get them to ripen up, or find a good recipe for Green Tomato Pickle!

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