Buninyong Garden's house has a grid connected solar electricity system.

There are 10 BP solar panels. They do not produce enough power to run the whole house - we will need to do an energy audit and will replace inefficient power guzzlers (like fridge and freezer) with the newest most efficient models in the future. We do apply other simple energy saving steps like turning off all appliances at the wall to remove "stand-by" power use.

They were installed by Gee-tek.

Solar panel waiting to be installed - December 2006


Solar Panels


Solar Panels


Piers from Gee-tek installing the system.


not generating much power in the depth of winter




Things you will need:
Free: recycled egg cartons, lids removed, white polystyrene box (4 egg cartons to 1 box)

Buy or Make: Seed Raising Mix (see recipes below)

Buy or get from a seed saving friend: Lettuce Seeds (Mine were from the Diggers Club)

Tools: A watering can with a fine head (small holes for watering seedlings) and a spray bottle (for keeping the seeds wet)

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Buninyong Garden will cover the growing of fruit and vegetables in the home garden, in Buninyong, Victoria Australia.

A photo record of things growing and useful "How to" guides will be added over time.

Have a look at some photos taken on a holiday in Tasmania.

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