North of the straw yard - built in the run, a covered garden bed with herbs, so they can be pecked at as they grow through the wire. Red table grape in the corner, which will grow and give some more cover.

Herbs are yarrow (I think. Seeds I got from Michele and DID NOT LABEL), rosemary, seeds of yellow calendula daisy, Itallian parsley and herbicides pyrethram daisy and wormwood.

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Yes, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - all present and accounted for SIR.


2012-09-CP-10After much studying of chicken house plans, the design has been completed and the building begins.

The idea is a fox proof main run and housing, with green runs either side, the left hand side will connect to the orchard run, via a track behind the tanks.


Paradise for chooks.

... and the royalty have arrived!

Four Rhode Island Reds - RIRs have moved in, and hasty fences and gates have been added so they could have a walk around before dusk.

Fence and gate building will continue around them tomorrow!

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