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re-oxidising-silver-earringThis is a method of removing the black tarnish from your silver items (if they are small enough to put in the pot!), that my father, the Industrial Chemist, taught me. He said that instead of rubbing your silver away by removing the black coating, this method will add the silver back onto the item!

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 sharna up closeTwo friendly geese have come to stay, just for 7 weeks while their family is on holiday in the USofA.

Sharna and Rikki are 9 year old and live out at Duram Lead when they are not staying in Buninyong.

Rikki came to the family as Richard, but he turned out to be a she (a common story with poultry I'm sure).

13-09-08 - Rikki has now made a full recovery, so Heidi thankfully was quite right.  After about 5 days of not walking, Rikki first stood up (to dry her under feathers) and then progressed to a slow walk, and finally back to normal!

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plovers - masked lapwing

Late July (Winter) and these two little squawkers have moved in - right on the edge of the driveway!

Some bricks have been placed near the nest to stop anyone from accidentally driving over them.

The mum and dad take it in turns to sit on the eggs.

Update: August, 3 little chicks have hatched, but very hard to get a photo because their parents are very good at keeping rubberneckers with cameras away!

Update:1st of September - two little birds left...

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