Our commercial grey water system creates 3 to 4 showers worth of untreated grey water a day.  It is "commercial" because it is hooked up to a timer that makes sure no greywater is kept more than 24 hours- so at a set time, it sends any unused greywater to the sewer. (early in 2009)
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3rd and 4th of October

The Chook pen was moved to the back corner of the yard, and another fence added to prevent the small poodly dog from worrying the chooks.

On Satuday the 19th of September 2009, 3 small chooks came from Meredith to live in the Buninyong Garden.

2012 09 polish bantam trioAs a General Tonic for chickens:

Dilute  10:1 - 10 parts fresh clean water to 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar.

The recommendation is that you need to find "unfiltered", "raw', "unpasteurised" Apple Cider Vinegar, which can be found in poultry or pet shops.  Apparently the filtereed Apple Cider Vinegar you find in the supermarket is not ok becasue it is filtered - but I have not yet checked out the price difference.

It may be that once it is a "tonic" the price goes up!

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