2011-06-16-Grahame-Kelaher-from-ice-in-space-forumSMLThe early Winter morning of 16th June 2011 was misty to the western horizon in Buninyong, so although I could see the red blob of the moon through the light cloud, it was not worth a photo.

Ice in Space to the rescue - http://iceinspace.com.au

- some very good photographers post their work to the forum, and here I found, and asked for permission to use Grahame Kelaher's fantastic image, taken from Perth WA.

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With 150ml in three days, we are nearly washed away!

Spent yesterday syphoning water from the back of the house, but this proved too little, so this morning Paul has made a path around the house for the water.  But this means massive flodding to the front - so submersible pump and syphoning wiht the 20mm pipe!  Nice weather for Ducks!


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