Third Prize!

At 7am, I rushed around and grabbed one onion, three sticks of rhubarb, the least motley kale leaves, a buch of flowering comfrey and then added some oregrano (green and golden) and some lettuce from the kitchen garden, and dug up a garlic from under one of the apple trees.  No time to wash them or pretty then up at all.  The only flowers that were not wilted after three days of hot weather were the orange calendula, so I picked two dozen and wacked them in. Off to the Ballarat Show Grounds to enter the second year of the Home Growm Organic Vegetable Competition!

At least it was an entry, but I had no expectations that I could repeat last years second prize.  I always worry that no one will enter - no need - 14 entries this time.

Maybe it was the early morning picking?  The worm wee watering?  Paul's rhubarb is an amazing red - I think it is "Victoria" - a red variety, but I had nominated my worm wee watered onion as the main vegetable.  You get extra points for having a sequence of photos of the vegetables growing in the garden, so thie surely helped the cause!  These photos are below, plus some photos of the entry -early in the morning!