I am Thesaurus


I am Thesaurus!

(music by John Lennon, words by Roget (Andrew Hansen)

Synonyms and antonyms
and matching terms and words that share a meaning.
All these alternate words to choose or substitute
why write ‘crying’
when you could write ‘weeping’
or ’shedding a tear or two,’
‘blubbering’, ‘wailing,’
‘choking up and balling,’
’sobbing both your eyes out,’
‘turning on the waterworks.’
I am the Roget
I’m Dr. Roget
I am Thesaurus

Vocabulary dictionary wordy little Frenchman that I am.
See how many phrases the Beatles could have made
if they’d asked me.
Why write ‘Eggman’
They could have written ‘Person
with an omelette for a head,’
‘Sunny side up boy,’
‘Separated yolk guy,’
‘Scrambled on toast lad,’
‘Poached homo sapiens,’
‘The free-range Earth’s man,’
‘The hard-boiled shell man,’
I am Thesaurus!

This song’s concluding,
ending, ceasing, stopping,
terminating, drawing to a close,
finishing, arresting, wrapping up, retiring,
halting and completing,
shutting down and calling quits
This song’s expiring,
It is desisting!
It is …
Sh**, I can’t think of any more words.