Ripen Tomatoes

Winter 2009
My tomatoes went in a bit late this year, and so they had not ripened when the first cold weather of Autumn arrrived.

Two things to do - either get them to ripen up, or find a good recipe for Green Tomato Pickle!

A Recipe for Green Tomato Pickle

Thanks to Lisa, I found a tasty Recipe for Green Tomato Pickle

Ripening green tomatoes

I looked up methods of ripening green tomatoes - three methods were proposed:

1. Window Sill

  • Method: Place green tomatoes that have begun to colour up on a sunny window sill inside, and they ripen up in 1 - 2 weeks
  • Pros: This worked well, the tomatoes did not taste as good as vine ripened, but were ok
  • Cons: Not many tomatoes had any beginnings of colour at all!

2. Wrap in paper

  • Method: Individually wrap each green tomato in either newspaper, or brown paper bags. I left mine 3 weeks inside, maybe too long!
  • Pros: Most of the Black Krims coloured up well via this methid, and the self sown red tomatoes.
  • Cons: Not much taste - mine were a bit flowery to taste - perhaps better for cooking
black krims, black russian, red self sown

3. Upside down plant

  • Method: Pull out the whole plant and leave upsidedown in the shed
    This is supposed to allow the nutrients in the plant to continue to go into the fruit as it ripens.
    I tried this by placing the bushes under the house, and leaving them in the damp dark.
  • Pros: - none
  • Cons: Either green tomatoes, or very mouldy tomatoes - maby a nice sunny warm shed would work?
whole plant methodmould on the tomato