Prize winning organic vegies

My trophy cabinet now sports a red sash from the Ballarat A & P Society Spring Show - second prize in the Organic Vegetable growing competition - in its inaugural year.

basket of vegies


I was assisting with the vegetable garden display at the Ballarat Show, and I was concerned about how many entries the competition would get as it was the first year, and early November is not a great time to source your best vegies. (Needn't have worried - 12 entries all in all, and a goodshowing all around.)

cornflowerI threw together some Rubarb as the main vegeteable, with spring onions as the second, and filled up the basket with some early Garlic (ie it hadn't formed its bulbs), mint, companion plants comphrey and calendular, and other edible flowers: Viola tricolour, red Nastertiums and Borraage.  The photo I took doesn't show the bright blue cornflowers I added - they were growing, self seeded, by the gate as I left, and I threw them on with the orange calendula for a vibrant contrast.   

It must have done the trick! I was amazed and very happy to win the second prize.  First prize was won by the food garden at the  Wendouree Primary School.  It is a Stephanie Alexander Garden, and the produce they displayed was wonderful, fresh and abundant!  So well done the Students and Teachers of Wendouree Primary School.