Plovers - Masked Lapwing

plovers - masked lapwing

Late July (Winter) and these two little squawkers have moved in - right on the edge of the driveway!

Some bricks have been placed near the nest to stop anyone from accidentally driving over them.

The mum and dad take it in turns to sit on the eggs.

Update: August, 3 little chicks have hatched, but very hard to get a photo because their parents are very good at keeping rubberneckers with cameras away!

Update:1st of September - two little birds left...

1st of September:2 little plovers

August: After the chicks had hatched, the adults would protect them against all people and cars that came down the driveway.  People were comprehensively swooped, and the cars were yelled at in no uncertain terms.


A day later, there was no sign of the chicks or the parent, and I was worried that foul play was afoot.  But the parents had just moved their family over to another paddock - about 200 meters away.  They seem to stay in the far paddock in the day, and come back to our driveway in the night.

I can see the family from my window now, and sometimes they come into our yard - so I managed a photo (above).

The 18th of July, two Plovers protecting their nest - kekekekekekekek is the sound they make if you walk nearby. The have got used to the car driving by and do not get off the eggs every time. It will be tricky getting a photo of one of them on the nest because they are quick to move off with the kekekekekekekek shout when a person or dog approaches.


We are wondering how the fledglings will get on - cats and foxes will be a threat.

bricks protecting the nest


speckled eggs



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John Gould - Masked Lapwing