Newspaper Pots

You will need:
Recycled: a jar, some newspaper
Potting mix or seed raising mix

Fold the newspaper into a long narrow strip – no higher than your jar

Roll the newspaper as evenly as you can tightly around the jar, then take the jar out, leaving the newspaper rolled up.

Now tuck the newspaper into the open side so that it stays secure

For the base take a small piece of newspaper scrunch it in the middle, place it in the newspaper pot and push the jar down on it to squash it into the base.

You will need to place these pots close together in a box or on a tray so that they hold each other up.

Add potting mix and sow you seeds as usual - carefully spray with water because the little pot will not take big splashes of water.

The good thing about these pots is that when the seedling is big enough, you can just plant the whole thing in the ground, or bigger pot. This technique will work well for plants that don't like having their roots disturbed.