January 2012 - Garlic and Onions


Garlic and onions layed out to dry.


Preparing onions and garlic for storage is pretty much the same:

Let the bulbs dry in a dry, shady, well-ventilated spot for a week or two. This helps concentrates the flavor.

You can also hang the freshly harvested bulbs from their stalks.

I probably should be cleaning them all up and then letting them dry, so they are easy to handle in the next step.

Once dry, trim or break off the roots and rub off the outer layer of skin. You could braid both the onions and garlic if you are going to store them hanging somewhere.

They need to be stored at room temperature in a dark place that is dry and has good air circulation.

I have seen egg cartons suggested as an ok place to store garlic, but I think I will make holes in all the cups and in the lid, and then put them in a cool dark place.