Chicken Run


^ North of the straw yard - built in the run, a covered garden bed with herbs, so they can be pecked at as they grow through the wire. Red table grape in the corner, which will grow and give some more cover.

Herbs are yarrow (I think. Seeds I got from Michele and DID NOT LABEL), rosemary, seeds of yellow calendula daisy, Itallian parsley and herbicides pyrethram daisy and wormwood.


^ Also comfrey getting a start with a major tree guard.


Now here is the really clever part of Paul's design - this run on the North side has access to the back of the hot house, so now the garden bed is empty and waiting on the tomato seedlings, the chickens can go in and eat all the slater bugs and slugs, and any snails that may still be hiding out.

Also a wormwood planted out for some cover (when it grows) and guraded while it establishes.


^ And here they are in the hot house excavating for insects.


This is the South side run - Sutana grape over here, and rosemary, wormwood, pyrethram, golden marjoram, and the seeds of Itallian parsley, yarrow, yellow calendula daisy, and the every present pineapple sage.

Also on the South side (photos to come) is a covered area to try and keep some dry dirt al all times for dust bathing.  I add diatomouse earth and ash form the fire to the dirt to give a nice grey dust that will kill mites and other creepy crawlies.

Then down the hill, this run joins to the orchard via a chook lane way behind the tanks, behind the potting shed - with the raspberry beds fenced off when the fruit is ripe - the chooks fly up to eat a nice red raspberry.